Frank Rietkerk, zoological director of Apenheul and director of Apenheul Primate Conservation Trust:

“Boki has worked in various capacities in Apenheul Primate Park; the last position she held was as keeper in the gorilla section. Furthermore she spent 3 months in the Peruvian Andes for a project, inititated by the Apenheul Primate Conservation Trust, that aims to reduce deforestation by stimulating ecological coffee production instead of extensive cattle ranching. Here, Boki was based in the village of Los Chilchos (San Martín Province), to assess the socio-economic status of the small mountain communities and to survey existing coffee plantations to get an idea of current and future coffee yields.
Boki's report was excellent and provided an important basis for a number of decisions that influenced the continuity of the project.
As a person, Boki is one of the most capable, professional and steady people I have had the pleasure to work with. I believe her qualities would make her especially valuable for carrying out projects that combine (community or local) development, biology and ecology in challenging circumstances, but I have no doubt that she will do just as well in friendlier surroundings. I can recommend her wholeheartedly."


Chris Koopmans, manager department Agriculture, Louis Bolk Institute:

“As Boki’s direct manager, the cooperation with her was always pleasant, she worked hard and conducted her projects and research with a lot enthusiasm. Boki has creative ideas and knows how to express them. She conducts research on a consistent, creative and smooth manner. She successfully carried out multiple projects in The Netherlands and abroad. In the team she was a welcome addition because of her communication skills. She knew how to inspire colleagues, initiators and others with her ideas and projects.
Her experience and knowledge in the field of environment, climate, soil and agriculture make her a valuable and reliable colleague. Therefore she will be a welcome addition to every organization.”


Tobias Bandel, managing partner Soil & More International BV:

"During her time working for Soil & More International BV, Boki Luske mainly contributed to our company targets and objectives through developing carbon footprinting tools and carrying out related assessments. Her brought knowledge, analytical skills, dedication to work and the overall company's objective as well as her team spirit made her a key colleague of key importance to the company."


Ferko Bodnar, owner AgrEvalue:

"I know Boki as former colleague at Louis Bolk Institute, where we worked on an IFOAM publication on organic agriculture and climate change, for which she wrote a chapter on her experiences with soil organic carbon under organic farming in Egypt, in 2009.
Later in 2011, when I had started my own consultancy, she assisted me with a systematic review on food security interventions for the Dutch Operations and Policy Evaluation Department, by systematically screening a large number of CARE project evaluations on the internal validity and the quality of counterfactual analysis. Boki is a very pleasant person to work with: she is the sort of person that does not worry too much but just gets on with the job, and makes you realise that work - and life - is not that worrisome after all. I would certainly hire her again if the opportunity arises."


Field meeting Flowering Field Margins and Natural Pest Control, The Netherlands 2012 (foto: M. Bos)
Boki Luske with farmer girls, Egypt 2009
Boki Luske and Rocio Sanz Cortes in a meeting with rice producers, India 2010