2014-2017 Agforward

2015-2018 Diversifood

2012-2015 Farmers' Network for Bees and Pollination

2012-2015 Flowering Field Margins and Natural Pest Control

2012-2014 Farmers' Network for Fodder Trees and Multifunctional Landuse

2012 Too Good to Waste - Battle of the Cheetahs

2010 Fairtrade Basmati rice production in India

2010 Large scale banana and pineapple production in Costa Rica

2009 Long term effects of compost on reclaimed desert soils in Egypt

2008 Environmental impact studies of food products

2007 Nature conservation project and organic coffee production in Peru

2006 Browsing of black rhinoceros on a local population of Euphorbia bothae

Crossing river Lejía, Peru 2007 Boki Luske and Rocio Sanz Cortes in a meeting with rice farmers, India 2010 Field meeting Flowering Field Margins and Natural Pest Control, The Netherlands 2012 (foto: M. Bos)