During my master study in Biology, I had the opportunity to become acquainted with a broad scientific field. Therefore I became an allrounder, with the potential to connect different working themes.

Process ánd content
The combination of research and process management is what I aspire. Working on both content and process, will result in
practical solutions.

I admire the immense diversity which the world has to offer and therefore want to conserve this. In my current job at the Louis Bolk Institute, I work on projects focussing on biodiversity in the rural landscape.

There are more synergies between nature and agriculture than most people think. If we look for the synergies and know how to stimulate them, we can profit from ecological processes that are naturally available. More space for biodiversity in farming systems will result in more resilient systems. However, for good practical implementation, we need knowledge ánd farmers that have the courage to rely on these natural processes.

In my opinion, a key factor for innovation is interaction between different specialistic working themes. It is therefore my goal to realize cross pollination.

Field meeting with farmers, The Netherlands 2012 Meeting with rice farmers, India 2010 Orchid, Peru 2011